About KN Industries LLC

Nicholas Lykon
Founder & President

KN Industries LLC – Your Trusted Partner in the Plastic Core Industry!

Welcome to KN Industries, a distinguished leader in plastic cores for the converting industry with our team's history spanning over four decades. Our expertise covers a vast array of POS, Film, Paper, Tape, Labels and more. At KN Industries, we are committed to providing tailored solutions that align perfectly with the unique needs of our clients.

Discover the KN Industries difference – where experience, expertise, and a commitment to excellence come together. Let us help you achieve your goals with efficiency, reliability, and the utmost professionalism.
                                                   Nick Lykon: Founder & President

Tim Mitchell
Chief Operating Officer

Now Tim has assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer at KN-Industries, a testament to his exceptional leadership and strategic acumen. In his current capacity, Tim leverages his wealth of experience to drive innovation and collaboration, positioning KN-Industries as a frontrunner in the development of cost-effective core solutions.

Tim's passion for plastic extrusion has been evident in his diverse portfolio of achievements. This ranges from pioneering plastic safety gates for General Motors and bird feeders to revolutionizing plastic cores for paper converters. By request of Iconex, Tim was asked to build a specialized core for their converting operation which was for one of their major customers. He also was asked by Monaco Converting to design a core to help them keep a competitive edge for cost .This resulted in a 33% material savings and this core has been adopted by the industry to help keep cost down. His collaborative approach has earned him recognition as a trusted partner to industry giants, where he played a pivotal role in optimizing tooling for efficient machine operation.

In 2019, faced with adversity following a fire at the Tennessee plant, Tim's resolve was put to the test. However, a heartfelt call from a long-time loyal customer asking him to get back in the business reignited his passion and reaffirmed his dedication to the craft. Tim reports "This is the biggest compliment after all these years that I could have ever received”  Motivated by the belief that his expertise was irreplaceable, Tim returned to Marion Indiana with a renewed sense of purpose and eager to share his knowledge and shape the future of KN-Industries, LLC.

Tim Mitchell's journey is a testament to the transformative power of passion and perseverance. His legacy as a visionary leader continues to inspire and elevate the plastic extrusion industry to new heights. His philosophy is "The old guys are out, the young guys are in" “let me show you I can save you money" It's a new era.
                          Tim Mitchell: A Visionary Leader in Plastic Extrusion